Triangle of Habit Creation

Triangle of Habit Making

Let’s be honest when you want to change something in your life and create a new habit, it is hard to stay with it and not fall off the path. There will be obstacles and hurtles that will disrupt your path to a new healthy permanent habit. How do we prepare for this? How do we succeed?

First off, Habits are rituals, not a bad word to hide from. You are performing a daily ritual each and every day already by waking up and getting out of bed. Simple normal human habit. Now when we want to obtain a habit (ritual) that we are not norm too, we have to learn the skills to obtain this and welcome it into everyday routine.

Cue > Response > Reward

Below is a diagram I call the “Triangle of Habit Creation”. It shows the path you must take to create the wanted habit (ritual) and succeed. Let’s break this down:

Cue: Habit

The “Cue” is when a desired habit is brought forward and to your attention. No matter the habit, it is now planted in your mind of something you want. You start to think and organize in your mind how and what you need to start.

Response: Prepare > Plan of Action >Accountability

“Response” is when you go into action to prepare to start this habit (ritual) and include it into your daily routine. You need to study it, see how works for others and question how it will work for you.

Then comes the time to bring out your pen, paper or computer and write out a Plan of Action. Here you will list from most important to least important improvements or things you must adjust or remove out of your life to obtain this habit (ritual).

Be prepared for the negatives. People will be envy or undermined your intentionsΒ and goals. Do not look back, pay attention or internalize their words and actions. Jealousy is real and is a normal human action that can detour you. Stay strong and keep going because you know you are prepared for such actions. There will be hurtles or pot holes along the way that will knock you down, but remember this is just a mere second and it will go away. Go in stride knowing you are prepared and just keep going.

Being accountable is the last and most important step to the reward of your desired habit (ritual). You need to ask yourself: What or who do you have available to you to keep you accountable? You must be accountable to your desired habits (rituals). Accountability is the way people see you from the outside. They see someone with positive growth.

Reward: Implemented Habit

“Reward” is the finish line, you made it! You now have a desired habit working in your life. But do not stop here. You must maintain it, keep it healthy and ongoing. Give thanks and share with others so that you can be the tool to their health habit changes. It is a circle of positive growth.

In conclusion, remember to keep your habits (rituals) healthy and to keep them on auto-pilot. Β Pray, Study and Serve if you feel that you are going off path.

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