Swimming in To-Do’s? Make a List

Swimming in To-Do’s? Make a List

Since my new laptop decided to fail another motherboard, my life came to a stall and I have been swimming in a pile of To-Do’s.

Since receiving my laptop yesterday back from the manufacture I have found myself sitting pondering on what to start first. I not only run this blog but I also run our family online store. When I have no access to a computer tasks pile up fast.

When I get off track from being sick or some kind of hurtle comes along, I mentally make a task list. All of us moms must admit we have chaotic lives at times, sometimes things just don’t go our well planned out way.

So what do you do to get back on track? You weigh out the important stuff from the least important stuff and then the quick to the lengthy.

Here is what I do:

  • Write down all tasks to be done
  • Star the most important
  •  From the important list, I look at how long 1 task takes then number by the length (Quick first then Long)
  • Make sure to give yourself breathing room and MOST DEFINITELY take mental breaks, You can not do it all at once
  • At the end your new list should be (leave room to make notes and the ability to check off):

Important tasks (longest time)

Important tasks (quickest)

Less important tasks (example: updates)

Remember it is humanly impossible to do it all at once, our brains can not handle it and become foggy. Don’t burn yourself out by being overwhelmed it is OK if your not on task. Give yourself grace and move forward.

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