Wait!! You Think Terrible 2’s are Bad? No No Just Wait ~ Bi-Polar Teen Years

“Lisa, when you have kids they will put you through what you have to us 10x FOLD!” ~ My Mom

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Mom’s everywhere are going bonkers trying to keep up with toddlers antics and they think “just let me get through these years and it will all be a breeze”. Oh poor momma, I am here to break the bad news to you….

Bi-Polar Teen Years Are COMING!!! Get your armor suit out of the closet your gonna need it πŸ™‚Β 


I am a mom of 3 teens, 2 Girls and 1 Boy and let me tell you these years can break your sanity! You get so accustomed to being called the “cool mom” and the one to hang out with to all of the sudden “You embarrass ME” or “You are EVIL”.

  • Mood swings oh boy get your shield they are powerful and flying at yeah left and right. All is going just fine your hanging out and BAM! You get this look of why are you here! I am gonna eat you!


  • Might as well hand in your memory ticket too, how dare you share any photo’s of them to your friends. Seriously? How could you be a mom? Like really how dare you? Then all of the sudden you find yourself reported on Facebook! hahaha


  • You have no knowledge, experience and were born yesterday. This is your Invisible Suit they slipped on you while you were asleep. Trust me! You know nothing! Eyerolls come like punches and slamming doors into migraines hahaha

You are left at the end of the day lifeless like you were just spinning in a tornado wondering when it would end. Guess what? It ends about 24 years old!! You have to deal with each time you wake up.

So when you see a mom with teens hug her. Steal her and give her a nice conversation for her own sanity.

Yes! Being a mom during any age is hard and exhausating, but guess what?? You will survive it! You will sit back with your coffee in hand and laugh as your daughter or son goes through the same with their own offspring.

Cheers Momma You Got This!!Β 

*This article was written in humor from my own experience. Life is crazy but it is how you go with it and laugh as you go along. *


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