6 Tips On How To Survive Online Shopping ~ Survival Kit : Online Shopping


Let’s Survive this Shopping Season Together…

Tis that time of year! Last minute online shopping and not sure if you are ordering the right thing or getting the ideal gift. This survival kit should help you protect yourself and ease the pain of getting something wrong.

There was a study done by a few sellers online regarding customers and how they shop. Most (80%) customers don’t look at the item, read the description or the fine details. They just hit the buy button.

I am going to step you through the process by giving you tips on how to properly shop online.

(These tips are based on eBay shopping, but most can be applied on etsy or amazon)




Ready? Set…GO!

Tip #1 When you find an item in a list and click on it. First thing you should look for is the Seller’s Feedback Score. My rule of thumb is 200 or better and 99.2% Positive feedback. Not all good sellers will have 100% positive. Reality is there are some bad buyers who do for the fun of it rate someone low even when it is not true. Then there are times mistakes are made.

Tip #2 Next look and review all pictures in full of the item. eBay has a mouse over zoom on pictures which will give you an up close view. Write down any flaws you see it could help the seller if mentioned and may get you a lower price if the seller didn’t mark it in the description.

Tip #3 Read the description in full. Sellers are to type a detailed listing description. Here is where if applicable measurements are found as well. You will also find at times the seller’s own policies.

Tip #4 Do not open a case without communication with the seller. You can message the seller within the listing itself to discuss whatever issue you may have. Give the seller 48 hours to respond, if no response then open a case.



Tip #5 During the holiday season expect postal delivery delays. Understand once a package at any time of year leaves your seller’s hands they are no longer responsible for the timing of delivery.

Tip #6Β Make sure to provide your seller with the correct address, if the package is a gift and any special instructions immediately with your purchase.


Talk to Us…

We always want our customers to have a sane enjoyment during shopping. We understand that there are times that buying can be insanely frustrating. That is why I want to take this world of online buying to the next level by providing more information for the buyer not the seller.


Please scroll down and leave a comment below. To discuss your worries, stories of online shopping. We want to provide a better environment for the online shopper.



  1. Catherine

    November 3, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    Online shopping is what makes my life so much easier. I just wouldn’t have the time to do everything if I had to go to an actual store to get everything!

    1. LWood

      November 4, 2016 at 12:02 am

      It is amazing time saver as a busy mom or wife too. Plus all and all money saver when you calculate car maintenance and gas used to go to physical stores πŸ™‚

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