Sugar Blossom’s Boutique ~ Introduction

Welcome! Sugar Blossom’s Boutique is our pride and joy!

Jason and Lisa both share a passion for antiques and collectibles. Sharing 25+ years of experience, they take pride in finding the most unique and high quality items.

Jwood Image

Jason Wood ~ Creator and Owner

Grew up traveling around with his mother appreciating antiques from various shops. Known personally for his humor in life, clothing expertise, golfing skills and much more. His knowledge bank is big when it comes to finding unique items. Treasure hunter by nature and collector of:

  • Coins
  • Silver
  • Vintage/Antique Toys
  • Music

Creator and owner of this store with the passion to treat customers as family and helping them find their treasure.


Lwood Image

Lisa Wood ~ Co-Owner and Admin

Like Jason she grew up traveling with her parents going to antique shops and museums. Known personally for her quick thinking, compassion and love for adventure. She has many passions that creates a big knowledge bank. Collector of many things but the biggest is Bears! Artist by trade and History buff by night.

What knowledge does her bank hold?

  • Teddy Bears
  • Glass
  • Civil War Collectibles
  • Art (Paintings)
  • Home Decor

Not just the creator and editor of this blog/website, she is a mom of 3 with a passion to help others in life. She enjoys hunting for treasure with Jason and giving customers the best service she can.

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