Steiff Bear Story

Steiff Bear Story:

In my honest opinion Steiff is #1 in the bear collectors world.  First bear to be made and the unique handwork still to this day makes it stand out from the rest.

Steiff originated in Germany by a lady named Margret Steiff. At a very young age she became sick and wheelchair bound which limited to what she could do. She found a love for sewing and started out running a seamstress company with her sisters. Later on she found herself alone in the business and started selling her handmade elephants. Yes!! Steiff was not a bear just yet! In 1892 the first illustrated Steiff catalogue was released which showed the diversity of the range. In addition to elephants there were monkeys, donkeys, horses, camels, pigs, mice, dogs, cats, hares and giraffes.

1902 Steiff Bear was Born! It is no secret Margaret had a favorite creative nephew named Richard Steiff. He was known for his animal sketches and attending prestigious art school in London. Richard joined the company and began sketching the teddy bear which ended up being the basis for many of the bear creations. Founder of the suitable covering “Mohair” for the cuddly feel and easy for coloring. The first bear made was “55PB” with movable joints.

1904 In order to make the bear distinctive and unique the ear tag was created.

1906 Steiff became an official Trade name

As you can see Steiff is not only cute but has a rich and strong history behind the name. For more information please visit the link below.

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