Staying Positive During Chaos and Order ~ Part 2 of 100 Day Challenge

How does One keep Order of Positivity during the Chaos?

“Everybody’s a mad scientist, and life is their lab. We’re all trying to experiment to find a way to live, to solve problems, to fend off madness and chaos” By: David Cronenberg.

I am sure I don’t have to tell anyone how crazy and chaotic social media has become in the past 2 years and recently. So much hate, selfishness, depressing actions of people that we never thought would be in such ways.

I had to find some peace within and watching everyone in the madhouse of Facebook just was not working.



So what was I to do?

I decided it was time to join in on this “100 Day Challenge of Personal Growth”. I saw so many people asking how to keep people’s posts away from their timelines, how to avoid all the political dramas and venom.

I will say there are ways but really when you use them, you still can not state your own feelings without feeling like you were under attack. What kind of world is that? It is not a positive living type of world that your heart and mind needs to grow.
You must step back and take a hard look at what is causing you so much pain, stress and chaos. Take stock in it, then create order.

If you do not it will eat you and your life will be cut short (Health), it will consume you and you will become your environment (Behavior). Separate yourself from the pack!


Separating Myself From the Pack

“Growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who do not. When I see a person beginning to separate themselves from the pack, it’s almost always due to personal growth.” By: John C. Maxwell

So I deleted the page app off my phone, kept the message app to stay in contact with loved ones. If I want to share photo updates I share via Instagram. BAM!! I got rid of all the negative eating drama posts.

Let me tell you, I am in 10 days of this and I am feeling lighter, less stressed and more happy. I never knew how draining reading all the negativity and watching my friends tear each other apart was until I took this challenge.
I will admit it has been hard to stay off, I have slipped a time or 2 because I wanted to reply to a Valentines post my beloved made and then a couple others that seemed positive and wanted to leave a congrats or 2.

So I cheated! Bad girl? No, not entirely I didn’t surf, I didn’t engage in any debates nor did I share a post or a feeling. So I am still on track and moving forward positively.

Day 10 /100 My Journal

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later” By: Og Mandino’

Day 1 – 5 : Prepared and removed all temptations. Downloaded motivational apps to my phone, and podcasts. Joined my favorite Church’s live broadcasts. Read each night 1 hour a inspirational or motivational story/article on Stumblr’.

Day 5 -10: OH BOY!! Momma messed up! I logged onto facebook to respond to my Valentine’s post and let people know that I can not see their comments OOPS! But I didn’t surf, scroll or post. I quickly logged off. I spent alot of time on our boutique that we run and reorganized my home. I didn’t start on my weight loss part of the challenge due to having a horrible cold.

NEVER EVER BEAT YOURSELF UP FOR FALLING!! I have 90 days to go and I am sure I will come out shining like a diamond.



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