Relationships Are Only as Stale as You Make Them

Relationship Stale? You made it that way πŸ™

I hear so many people Β complain they are bored with whom they are with or their relationship has gone stale. I am going to be straight up and honest with you, your relationships are only as stale as you make them!

  • You must maintain the feeling of bliss as it was the 1st day you met. You remember that sparkling feeling and what attracted you the most to them. Take that with you into each moment of the day each and everyday.


  • Show affection in a way that you both like, some couples love the mushy cutesy stuff and some love it romantic. Text each other, use pet names often, call each other and kiss each other.


  • Go do things you love together and do them often. One thing that keeps a relationship alive is enjoying moments and adventures together no matter how small or large.


  • Encourage, stand and listen to your partner. When you boost each other’s self esteem it creates an unique bond that is unbreakable. Understand that no matter who is on the outside your words matter most than anyone else’s.


  • Do not berate or become abusive verbally to your loved one not in closed quarters and not with the public. If anyone does this it is not love or healthy.


  • Always compromise and pick your arguments. Remember we are each different and not 1 person is alike so we all will have those annoyed moments. Is it something silly? Let it go. Is it something serious? Compromise and sit down and weigh out the feelings with each other calmly and then let it go.

The happiest of couples do not let 1 day go by without loving, laughing, enjoying and admiring each other.

I was married to the wrong person for 16 years and was so unhappy because he did not enjoy me, admire me, laugh with me or even LOVE me. Then my life turned and I met the man who has made my world so magical beyond words. He enjoys time spent with me, he laughs with me and makes me laugh, he admires me and biggest and the best LOVES me!


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Today I celebrate 5 years of “Hello” with my night and shinning armor. Not one day has gone by without 1 kiss, tons of laughter and admiration. I will never in my life trade what I have with this man who has been in my heart and dreams since I was 5 years old for ANYTHING in the world. Excited to say “I DO” in 2020

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