New “LIVE” Sale and Auctions for Sugar Blossom’s Boutique 

Tonight was the beginning of something I hope and pray will grow successful. We did our first ever “LIVE” Sale on Facebook. 

It is a new beginning and chapter in the books for our little Boutique. It definitely was a learning experience and a step out of the normal for myself. 

We wanted to get our store out there and reach customers around the world, including gaining trust for returning customers. So I dug deep and researched avenues to accomplish our goals. 

I have listened to so many customers in the past being leery of purchasing an item online. They were not sure 🤔 if they were receiving said item the pictures they were seeing and they didn’t know who was behind it all. Let’s be honest buying online we are afraid of one scam or the other, seriously am I right? Of course I am, I may be a seller but I am also a consumer and I know I am leery too. 

This is why I am taking a step up and changing the buying experience. I have brought our items “LIVE” to the consumer, which is YOU! ❤️

Of course tonight was a trial run and I was able to learn what is good and what can make it better. As time goes my sales will improve and the quantity will increase. 

Join us and please let me feedback or suggestions as well. 

Click here to view (fast forward 35 minutes for start of sale) Sugar Blossom’s Boutique Sale #1

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