Meet Lisa

Here I am! Lisa the creator and author of this little coffee stop!


I was prompted by fellow friends to create a blog as I am called the “Treasure Chest of Life” . I have worn many hats in my life which have created wonderful life lessons and memories.

Not to disappoint or fail my wonderful friends I decided to create this blog for others to join me on my journey and to share my life lesson’s to inspire others.View Page

20  things about me:

  1. Crazy about life and everything it brings me
  2. Luckiest woman to be engaged to my childhood crush since I was 5 years old. Yes I was his stalker lol
  3. Raised very young to become an accountant which is where the lovepf numbers comes from
  4. Cooking and Baking Diva
  5. Strong survivor of domestic abuse
  6. Proud mom of 3 awesome minion’s
  7. Passion for analyzing and researching in all aspects of life, business, psychology and sociology
  8. Believer in that everyone has a soul and has a story to tell
  9. Traveling and visiting historic places
  10. True beach bum lol
  11. Coffee-Aholic
  12. Spending time with family and friends is a must for me to be sane
  13. Advocate admin for a Domestic Violence group on FaceBook
  14. Advocate for a rare brain disorder call Agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC)
  15. did you say outdoors? YES PLEASE!!
  16. 3 Pets = 3 Children, trust me!
  17. Little House on the Prairie Addict
  18. Homeschool Mom
  19. Part owner of an Antique and Vintage Online Business
  20. I AM ME!!! Pure, Open, Honest, Giving and Chatty ME!!
Sugar Blossoms Copyright
Sugar Blossoms Copyright

Mr. WoodMan!

My inspiration and partner in crime. I owe a lot to him for my happiness, he has brought into mine and the kids lives a sense of grounding and a fresh feeling of freedom of comfort, stability and tons of laughter.

If you ever wonder where “Sugar Blossom” comes from that is one of my many nicknames he has given me.

We grew up in the same church, group of friends, school and small country town. I was 5 years old when I laid eyes on him and he never left my thoughts into adult life. Finally my make believe dreams of marrying him (as all little girl’s have) will come true in 2020, I keep saying when I die, that God and I will be having a little chat on his timing HAHA

We have been together now for 5 years enjoying traveling, antiquing and so many adventures. “TeamWood” is what I like to call us because that is how we are in life.

In conclusion to the love of my life I have to add he is one great golfer, eye for antiques and unique one of the kind “House Cleaner” yes!! This man loves to clean and do the laundry… Seriously a keeper HAHA


 262638_3956142178121_606236148_nMinions! All three are so unique in their own own ways.

Chelsea my oldest 18 is an inspiring photographer and artist, who has a feisty personality balanced with a huge heart. I am hanging onto my apron strings for dear life now that she is getting the taste of adulthood. This mommy is not ready lol

Devyn my 15 year old is a fire cracker. She is such a smarty butt (4.0 Baby!), with determination and hunger to love more. She loves science beyond most along with her addiction to reading lol.

Chase my baby! Is a ham, he cracks me up daily. This kid is so mechanically inclined it is scary and loves to create videos and games. He has a rare brain disorder due to this it creates a few other issues such as learning difficulties, memory issues, partial complex seizures, ADHD, ODD and a few others. Awesome part is that he has overcome obstacles that most doctors said he couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

All 3 love to keep me on my toes with everything a kid can throw at you, like a pitcher’s curve ball ;-/


Want to know more? Follow my blog I am sure I will let you in on our family moments during this journey we call life 🙂