How to Measure for Clothing ~ Online Shopping

You step into an online shop but just don’t know if the size is actually the correct size. How to measure for clothing is not as hard as it seems.

In our boutique we make sure to measure our clothing even if it is used or brand new. We understand that each brand of clothing is slightly different in sizing.


Children’s Clothing

Children grow so quick and at different stages. As a mother I know first hand that just because the size says 6-Months it was just too small. That is why it is good to keep a notebook or a small note of their measurements.

Sample sizing chart and how to measure chart for children’s clothing:











Adult Clothing

Adult clothing is just as difficult not just for online shopping for in store shopping as well. I could not tell you how many times I have fit in a size-10 for 1 brand and the next brand I was a size-12. It goes the same for Men as well they can be a L in one brand and a M in another.


Sample sizing chart and how to measure chart for adultΒ clothing:







For quick look up I found this link to be a great place for all ages and gender.Β

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