For the LOVE of Fenton Glass

Fenton glass is one of the most collectible glass on the market. The beauty of the glass speaks for itself, but how it is created even more amazing. More importantly it is USA made, designed and hand painted.

Over the past 10 years their pieces have been growing in collectible value and desired possession. Great addition to any room décor by adding class and color.

When we are scouting for any glass we look for imperfections. Chips, crazing, fogging and cracks are very common with older glass. The value of glass of course decreases with imperfections and increases with age that has no imperfections.

Research and analyzing is always important to make sure the product is original and true. There are a lot of fakes out there so it is a must as a seller to sell what is right to your customers and steer away from the wrong. Fenton is know for their fancy “F” it will appear on most glass in the bottom middle and they also have stickers.


*Below is an insert from another website that gives the history in full detail.  (Pictured is the Fenton “wedding Basket” that we currently have up for sale in our boutique, if interested please click on top menu “Sugar Blossom’s Boutique”)

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History of Fenton

Turning Glass into Fine Art Since 1905 (

Fenton Art Glass Company is the largest manufacturer of handmade colored glass in the United States today and among the foremost glass manufacturers in the world.

Known for its beautiful colors and patterns, Fenton Art Glass continues an American tradition with its skilled glass-workers and talented decorators.

Fenton Art Glass was founded in 1905 by brothers Frank L. and John W. Fenton. They began their business In Martins Ferry, Ohio, by painting decorations on glassware made by nearby manufacturers.

Prompted in part by the desire to work with a broader range of colors, the brothers soon decided to produce their own glass, and opened the Fenton Art Glass factory in Williamstown, West Virginia in 1907. In fact, Fenton introduced “iridescent ware” later that same year. Now known as “Carnival” glass, it’s a popular collectible item today.

Frank L. Fenton’s love of color and his admiration for glass artisans like those at Tiffany and Steuben helped keep Fenton Art Glass in the forefront of the handmade art glass industry for the next few decades, but during the Depression Era and the early years of World War II, Fenton also produced practical items such as mixing bowls and perfume bottles.

By the late 1940s, a new generation of Fenton’s was running the company. Brothers Frank M. and Wilmer C. (Bill) Fenton would lead the Fenton factory through significant growth for the next 30 years. In 1986, George W. Fenton, Frank’s son and a third-generation family member, became president of the company.

Eight Fenton family members worked together along with more than 100 employees in Williamstown, West Virginia, creating new colors, patterns and hand-painted decorations that result in handmade glass artistry that is loved by collectors around the world.

Traditional glass-making ceased in 2011. Today the company continues by creating handcrafted art glass jewelry using many of the traditional Fenton colors and techniques, such as Milk Glass, Vasa Murrhina and Carnival Glass beads.


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