Lessons in Love, Hope and Forgiveness during Child Custody Visitation Issues

Hard Lessons to learn and hard to follow:

The kids and I have lived our own horror story from a man who has created a mess of tears and fears. One thing I have always tried to instill in my children is forgiveness love, faith and hope. By showing them how deal with certain situations and always telling them the truth. We all must remember that during battles it is the children who hurt most and must comfort them during the pain.

When the Devil Cracks we must stand together:

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In February 2016, the devil and his she devil came through the cracks showing their mighty horns. Trying to create fear and chaos in our home. Fear they did not succeed in but for a second, chaos and stress yes 3 days worth. Lies and allegations sent to the courts sent me scurrying for evidence to prove my innocence. My children did the same as these devils blamed them for things they did not do or say. There has been no time to think of home-school or our normal daily routines.


Teaching is not always in the books:

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Among all crazy obstacles there was a lesson, a bible and life lesson of sorts. Lesson of how we are to forgive our trespassers, lesson of hope and strength, lesson of how the Lord our God protects us in the time of need and a lesson on loving those who have hurt us.

My son, of all of 3 is angry and hurt that lies were said, he asked why and no answer was given or excuse he was simply ignored. So to calm him we said a prayer and I told him β€œYou have a right to be angry, but our father in heaven would want us to forgive daddy and love daddy. It is OK Bugga, God will protect us as long as we do as we are asked.”

Home-school during those last 3 days were more Life Skills and Morales than anything else.

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