Job Loss ~ Life Unplanned How Not To Lose Faith During The Unknown


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Life Unplanned How Not To Lose Faith During The Unknown

“Life Unplanned” is surely the title of my life right now. Have you ever stared at your screen in a blank, where all your ideas left out the back door? Recently our life has changed. My fiance’ the bread winner was fired from his job of 14 years the day after Christmas.

Survival mode has kicked in, everything I learned in my past marriage is coming back. Call this place and go to this place. Do this and Do that. I have no clue where our path is leading or how our 2017 will be. “Life Unplanned” indeed!

But I do know…..

I will never stop looking forward and working hard for our dreams. When you find yourself in a situation like this it is hard not feel numb, lost, anxious and depressed. Those feelings are natural it is a grieving process that all humans go through.

Always look forward and have faith, no matter how hard it is to do. Always pray and look to God, he is your best friend. Here is what I do in a crisis like this and maybe it will help you too.

  1. Immediately file for unemployment
  2. Sit down make a list of all job search sites
  3. Make a list of your last duties and make a resume
  4. Gather all bills, make a list of due dates and amounts. Being stressed will cause you to forget a bill. This way will help prevent that.
  5. Call 211 for your local food banks or go online, get places, times and required information
  6. Call 211 for rent and utility assistance places if you need help
  7. Pace yourself, you can not do everything in one day as much as you want too
  8. Read or listen to motivational books or lectures
  9. Research possibilities of career changes
  10. Slowly gain a knowledge bank, learn something new
  11. DO NOT let yourself become lazy, be on a constant. Job search, Clean and/or do something productive during the day
  12. Remember YOU are not a failure, YOU did not fail anyone. YOU will have a great future and are NOT ALONE.

Conclusion to this is always remember this does happen to everyone and this day in age the way the economy is, it will seem like a lost cause and nothing you can do but be depressed. I promise this is not the case, there are opportunities out waiting for you and you will find them.

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