Inspiration For Our Nation ~ Stand Not Hate

We Must be Strong and Face the Change Together

We all must put aside our differences and be concerned for our children. Whether we do or do not like the new President we must push forward and unite.

  • Prepare together not apart.
  • Speak with not against.
  • Create a safe environment not one where we walk out of our homes and get shot.
  • We must be accountable for ourselves and others.
  • We were a Nation a PROUD Nation of diversity let’s get back to that.
  • No more racism, bigotry and bullying.
  • We share the same sweat and tears, by sake we are all humans fighting to live.


Know what separated us from other Nations? How we stood united against all odds. We were strong and diverse not divided. We discussed our issues and didn’t kill each other like beasts. We prepared our future to be great, not teach them to hate.

Forget who is president for just a second, and think about how we all as a Nation can move forward embrace this change together.

Let’s face the change together not against!Β 

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