Let’s Be Raw & Honest Human Mistakes or Errors Are Inevitable

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Mistakes happen but it is not the end of the world

Let’s get down to the dirty honest truth on making mistakes, and errors. We are human after all! As much as we organize our life; professional or personal we make mistakes. So let me peel this basic human trait like an onion for you; tissue box to your left 

Growing up I had a mom who was creative, and one things she loved doing was painting. I naturally picked up the art myself; although I was a very harsh critic to myself. I would give up if I made the wrong brush stroke or used the wrong color. Nothing more annoying is trying to make something perfect to make everyone in awe; to having making a mistake and feel like you failed. You should have seen me, crying and throwing things like the world was over.

Here comes mom and verbally paints a picture I will never forget and in fact I still use this image in my adult life. “Lisa, there is no mistake you can’t fix or learn from”, sitting there in confusion, wiping my tears I looked up listening “Look at this painting your stroke went left, but honey, if you wait just a second and stroke to the right on top it of it will fix itself”. Still confused, she explained more “There is never a mistake that we can not fix in life. You just go over it, analyze it, accept it and then in a magical second it is fixed”. She was right!! 


Let’s take a look at the statistics 

Humans as a natural trait make mistakes and errors, it is inevitable. But how we choose to move forward from that mistake or error is the key. Know that you are not alone professionally or personally, here is a chart that was done in 2008, by a researcher name Panko. 

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Let’s Do This ~

No matter who you are or where you are the hard onion peel truth is we all make mistakes.

Analyze ~ Take that mistake and analyze it, see how it became and why. Once you know the ‘how’ or ‘why’, write or draw out an outcome to fix it. 

Learn ~ Learning from your mistakes or errors are actually not a let down, but a feeling of accomplishment. You overcame something and made it better. 

Admit~ Admit to yourself you are human, nothing more. Humans make mistakes all the time. You will be your biggest critic and need to kick that critic telling them “NO! I can and will fix this” 

Move Forward ~ Once you make the mistake and learn how it became, then how you overcame > Move On! Do not sit and dwell, you must push yourself to forgive and do. Remember people will respect the person who can admit, accept and rise above their mistakes. 



Now do yourself a favor, and tell yourself “I am ONLY human!”





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