Heavy Traffic Carpet Magic Stain Remedy

Heavy traffic dark discoloration near front entries or room entrances?

I am dealing with this myself and found a homemade remedy to try, Vinegar and Baking Soda. Due to the outside being tracked in by kids, dog and people my carpet was looking like a pavement black stain. Tried and failed withΒ everything from different brand cleaners to scrubbing with just soap and water. I didn’t know I was actually making it worse by leaving soap residue.

Vinegar has been used for so many uses from glass cleaning to taking bad smells out of clothes. Baking soda has many more uses from brushing teeth, clean waxed fruit to cleaning grout.

Now, I never figured finding websites suggesting that Vinegar and Soda together would create a fun-science project-fizzy-magical carpet cleaner.

There were many versions I found that were very confusing and with little evidence or information. Here is what used and did for this magic potion:

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What you will need:
Large spray bottle
Vinegar (I used 3 cups)
Baking Soda (I used my large box)
Scrub Brush
Dawn Soap

Ooh-la-la let’s see if it is true..

Step #1

~Take the brush a lightly scrub up dirt to loosen it

~Vacuum area really well

Step #2

~Fill the spray bottle with just Vinegar

~Heavily sprinkled BS over the problem area. Make to use you hands to even spread the soda

~ Then spray (saturated) the BS to completely dissolve the BS as much as you can. This is the fun part it bubbles up and fizzes like 7up

~ Cover with a bath towel and leave over night (approx. 14 hours). Walk on the towel a couple times to help soak up the vinegar a little

Sugar Blossom’s Circle Image
Sugar Blossom’s Circle Image

Step #3

Good Morning!

~Take the dry scrub brush loosen up any excess baking and Vacuum

~Get a small bowl and mix approx. 3 to 4 cups of water with 2 to 3 drops of dawn soap

~Get another bowl and fill it with warm water this is for the rinse

~With a cloth and the brush in circular motions lightly scrub the area using the soap

~Next take a cloth and dip it in the rinse and use the same method with soap. Do this until satisfied the soap and bs is gone

~Cover and walk on it a few time soaking up the water. Cover for 4 hours

Sugar Blossom’s Circle Image

Depending on how bad your stain is this way will take 1 to 3 times. Mine it took 3, I found black sand like particles that was causing my dark traffic area. As you can see in the last picture it came out perfect πŸ™‚

If the baking soda is still showing up as white spots just take the brush and scrub it to break it up and then vacuum.

Hope this helps you like it did me πŸ™‚

Sugar Blossom’s Circle Image

**Don’t be alarmed by the smell it does go away.. trust me I hate the smell too**

I had my carpets recently cleaned prior to doing this and asked the technician what causes it. He responded that left over residue from prior chemical cleaners and ground in oily dirt can cause it, generally it is the residue.

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