God created Coffee for Mom’s

God created coffee for moms!


No seriously, coffee is a wonder magical potion greatest thing that God has ever created for us mom’s.

Being a mom for over 18 years I couldn’t have survived without my 5 shot mocha 2x a day. Many tears, laughs and how the heck did you?? moments


My son is like 6 kids in one, that boy has swung my world around and my heart dropping in a black hole before he was 2! Dog bites, paint on walls, lifting things thinking he was Bam Bam and oh can’t forget when I found him in the fridge eating my cheese like a mouse! Chatter box who has no shut off button even the trees need ear plugs 🙂

Then my two daughters one loves to test boundaries and is now exploring adult life and the other with a brain that can take over the world.

My oldest is the sneakiest of them all. She has those puppy dog eyes that makes anyone melt. Never have a banana in your hand she is Swiper the Fox (Dora reference)

Then my other daughter! Do not I repeat do not open up a debate on any topic she will tear you to shreds up and down than any good lawyer could on any day.

My mom said 10x fold and boy she wasn’t kidding haha

So yes, God created coffee for us MOM’s!!

Drink and say awwwwwww😉

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