Girl Power! Reconnecting with my 2 teen girls


Reconnecting with my 2 teen girls, has been a long time coming. As a parent it is tough to spend alone time when they are older with all the activities and friends. After my divorce it became very important to me to maintain a close relationship with my children by creating moments no matter how small they are. Having “Girl Power” moments, encourages my daughter’s self esteem by teaching them that they can do anything that a man can do.

This summer we decided on a camp out for us 3 girls and the boys would hang out and do boy things. We spent 4 awesome days in the Tillamook Forest with only a few tools and our creative minds. No cell phone service and no car to escape for even 1 moment. Just us and the woods, animals, trails and waterfalls.

Lwood Camping Collage

Day 1

We arrived late in the day and immediately set up camp. We were limited on wood, so we went on a wood scavenge hunt from other campsites to inside the woods with fallen timber. I could not believe how well we did, we found enough wood and kindling to last us all 4 days with leftover.

Building the fires were so much fun with the girls. I was able to teach them how to stack, organize and start a fire. Neither girl was able to have “Fire” person post before, so this was a perfect hand me down badge of the family.


Lwood Camping 2016 image

Day 2

Sleeping during the night was well a bit “nerve racking”. The dog was uneasy with sounds and woke us up a few times and the girls discovered they need to pack more blankets (brrrrrr! MOM!). Over the morning fire, I made my special camping espresso (read my post on how to make this later) as we discussed our daily agenda.

HuckleberryPancakesWe adventured out to go huckleberry picking for our traditional “huckleberry pancakes”. My oldest was going crazy finding huckleberries left and right, we couldn’t keep up. My youngest was in charge of making our famous camping breakfast love.

Lwood Camping 2016 image

After breakfast, we went trail and creek hopping along the Wilson River. Stopped to feed baby trout in a cute pebble portion of the creek.

Lwood Camping 2016 image

Ending our perfect day with smores, biscuit on a stick and yummy bacon burgers. Before we tucked in I taught the girls how to make tent heaters with coals and a cast iron pan covered with aluminium foil. Let’s just say they slept like babies warm and cozy 🙂


Lwood Camping 2016 image

Day 3

Woke up restful and energized! We took off for more creek exploring and wading. The girls the day before went on a trail exploration by themselves and found a perfect hidden spot with dual waterfalls that flow into a swimming pool.

I swear we spent most of the day traveling up and down the creek that had 3 forks. Waterfall area had to be my favorite spot, I was able to sit on a flat boulder and stick my feet in, felt like a lukewarm spa. Our dog thought it was neat too and about scared the daily living lights out of me by trying to join me haha.

Lwood Camping 2016 image

For our last night we went all out and built medium bonfire. This is where I was able to get real close to my girls and discover the wonders and dreams of their pretty lives. I found out my future grandchildren’s names, where they want to travel, what they want as careers, and so many topics that I had no clue they knew about.

Day 4

Sad morning very sad indeed, why? We had to pack up and leave. Only thing we looked forward too was yes what all girls want a “SHOWER”, other than that we did not want to leave.

My ending thoughts…

When you become or are a single mother it is so important to have cherished moments with your children. Explore and learn with them.

When I divorced the kids lives were turn upside down, so it was important for me to help them find balance again. Then when I started dating again, I definitely had to keep the balance between them, my relationship and us as a new family.

I soaked in all of the moments spent during this camping trip and encourage you to reach out and do the same with your kids.

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