DIY Christmas Holiday Decor under $20.00 ~ Low Budget Decorating

DIY Family Christmas Decoration Time on a Budget

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My short collecting bio

Through the years, I have collected Christmas decor here and there. Estate Sales, Garage/Yard sales, Dollar Tree and even the despised Goodwill Bin Outlet. I have come up with the neatest items and paired them up quite nicely on a penny. Best feeling is FREE, when everyone who sees your creations and gives you endless compliments.


Get Your Thinking Cap On

Think of colors that go best together. Blue, White and Silver for a winter snow look. Red, Green, Amber and White are great for an old world elegant look.

In the following pictures are displays you can create under $20. Money breakdown is what I spent and where. You can supplement with close to the same idea at Dollar Tree.

** TIP ** Goodwill Bin Outlet is more of a bargain than their stores, because the price is per weight. Just have to be able to swallow your pride in sifting through the bins (wear gloves).




2016-11-30_11.53.41.jpgWindow Display $11.10 (Dollar Tree and Goodwill Bin Outlet)

Poinsettia Garland $0.10 at the GW Bin Outlet

Snow blanket $1 (Dollar Tree)

Figurines and Houses $3.00 (Goodwill Bin Outlet)

Saint Nick $1.50 (Goodwill Bin Outlet)

Lights in the Window $0.50 (Goodwill Bin Outlet)

Fairy Lights for Saint Nick $1.00 (Dollar Tree)

Snow Flakes $4.00 (Dollar Tree)




Table Ole World Display $1.20 to $5.00 (Dollar Tree, Estate Sale, and Goodwill Bin Outlet)

*Candle sticks/stands in this photo came from an already purchased home dΓ©cor not included in budget

Vase $$ Free given to us by a friend (You can use any color vase from Dollar Tree or the GW Bin Outlet)

Poinsettia Flowers $0.10 (GW Bin Outlet.. You can get the same at Dollar Tree for $1.00)

Cute Little Wooden Signs $1.00 (GW Bin Outlet)

Table Runner $0.10 (Goodwill Bin Outlet)



Lets Get Going.. HO HO HO 

Get your creative juices flowing and have fun. Involve your children, this is one of the best parenting techniques for memory making. Remember not everything that is beautiful must be expensive or break your budget.

** TIP ** Use Pinterest for ideas it is a Holiday Life Saver

I would love to see all your creative displays please comment below with pictures. Happy Holidays J



  1. Darci Lopez

    December 1, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    Lisa, I love decorating on a budget! Thank you for sharing these ideas!

    1. admin

      December 1, 2016 at 2:42 pm

      You are most welcome and Thank you

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