Dear Online Customer… 4 Reasons to Understand Your Reseller

Dear online Customer… PSST! Yes You!! You can come out we won’t bite… there..there.. here are 4 Reasons

I wanted to write this article in hopes to bring awareness to people who are leery about buying from someone online like eBay. I am not speaking for all sellers because I will admit,Β I have seen some questionable ones, but I am speaking for those (like us) who run a family business to make an honest income to support our families and are honest by default.

Let me put a band aid on it!

I am going to explain what we do and how we process. There are several steps when it comes to running a resell business. In addition to the steps there is always cost, selling your finds is not free.


Reason #1: Hunting for items

We use gas money and our own vehicles to go out hunting for our treasure to sell to new homes. At times we use our own money when going to these places be it estate sales, shops or flea markets.

When we look at an item we glance it over for condition, age and style. We have to be picky in a sense to make sure we are buying an item we feel comfortable selling. Being picky can get tricky, you must educate yourself on how to do a quick analysis on make, age, estimated value and condition.

Reason #2: Research the item

This can take 15 minutes to 2 days depending on the item. You have research the make, model and rarity of the item. Once the item is in our possession and at the office we spend time getting to know this item. You must research every aspect of each piece by doing a thorough research analysis from certified product or antique dealers, authentic websites, books and stores. You can not sell an item on the whim without having some knowledge of your product, no one will trust you if you are clueless.


Reason #3: Processing the item

1. Cleaning and Detail Review

This is where we have to clean, polish, review in detail the condition of the item for flaws or damage. If flaws are minor they will be reduced in pricing but if they are major they do not get sold.

2. Pictures and Measurements

This can take up to 2 hours depending how many items. We take pictures of every angle, tag and detail. Move to measuring the items. Then we must process each picture to make sure they are correct and visible.

Reason #4: Cost of Business

List an item

First we must research pricing on this item to make sure we are not outrageous in price asking and are competitive. There are sellers out there who under price and it kills other sellers and you will find those sellers are not honest you will most likely get a bad item. Listing takes 15 to 20 minutes or sometimes less depending on item.

Fee’s we must pay to sell

I get a lot of people who do not understand that 80% of the sellers on eBay sell for an income and actually have to pay both eBay and PayPal for each item they sell. So if I sell an item roughly 13% is taken from that sale. Then there are the monthly fees.

Shipping and Handling

When each item sells we have to choose the proper packaging, bubble wrap and tape for fragile’s, tissue paper to protect items from bubble imprints from bubble wrap. Each item we use costs approximately $25 every 2-3 weeks. Along with labels for shipping and the ink to print which is approximately $20 every other month.

I had a customer once tell me when I first started say “I could buy that at the dollar store”, ok I understand you can but you are online shopping not at that store. So the item was a Target item my price was $3 now let’s do the math 13% of $3.00 is? $0.39 cents and leaves me $2.61. I paid 1.25 so my ROI is? $1.36. This is merely just an example.


We can see why you may be thinking “oh they are ridiculous on their pricing”, but truly when you know what happens behind the scenes and do the math you will now think differently (I hope).

This is truly a job we love to do and have fun making loyal customers happy. We work hard each and every day for this is not just selling our stuff from our closets as some would think, it is an actual store online. We hope one day this well be a family full income but right now it is supplemental.


Hug your seller with words and understanding they are humans on the other side of the screen.

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