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This page is dedicated to my belated mother, who was a woman of so many wonders that created blissful moments in many people’s lives.

Betty was born in Arkansas and was number 4 of 16 siblings. She was a quick learner and loved everything in life. Her hobbies got her recognized in journals throughout the US, Readers Digest, and Women’s Magazine.

Growing up there was never a moment that I didn’t see my momma dancing while she cooked and baked. Just sitting writing this brings back the joyful memories.

Spent 40 plus years writing, collecting and teaching cooking classes at our local community service center and church. She had a dream to write her own cook book, unfortunately her heart cut her short of that dream. I promised her during hospice that I would finish and complete that dream one day for her.

I hope you enjoy her collection and share with your family and friends as much as I do.


Here is to you MOM! <3 You

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