5 Techniques to Reduce a Sudden Anxiety Attack

Anxiety is… 

Anxiety is a demon that likes to sneak up on you with no warning. If you are a severe anxiety sufferer like me, you already probably know the statistics. In case you think you are alone here are the stats to prove you are not alone. 

  • In the United States alone (40 Million People) 18% of the population suffer from this. Here is a link to further read from the ADAA.org
  • Globally, 1 in 13 people suffer from anxiety that is 7.3% suffers. Here is the link for further reading on the global stats futurity.org


Have you ever been just laying down, all calm, empty mind and BAM! you are hit with a tight chest, raising heart, flushed and painful jaw pain? Have you ever been working and all of the sudden you are frozen?

Well if you answered yes to the above questions, I want you to know that you are not alone. I have so many times it is insane and to be honest I HATE it πŸ˜‰ . I have had these since I was a young child and have taught myself these 5 techniques to help when medication wouldn’t or couldn’t. There is never a promise or a guarantee, but there is always a technique that will help. 



Here is 5 tips that have helped me in moments that medication couldn’t or wouldn’t. 

  1. Take a cold glass of ice water, sip it slowly and then chew on the remainder of the ice
  2. Get on your knees (praying position) and place your head between your legs. Do this until you feel your body calming
  3. Take a hot shower, the water temp and spray has a calming effect on your nerve endings 
  4. listen to slow music or outdoor sounds (recordings you can now download free on your phone) in a dark room and no distractions. 
  5. Stretching or Yoga.

I hope this helps you in anyway. If it does please leave a comment below or share what helps for you. I would love to hear from you. 

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