Dysgraphia Disorder: A Battle Within

Dysgraphia: A battle within and those around you


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Understanding as your child’s advocate is the 1st step

I have always been a strong advocate for my son, From day 1 of finding out that he has Complete Agensis of the Corpus Callosum (Rare brain disorder, he is missing his communication piece to both hemispheres).

Soon after this discovery we found that he had a few disorders including learning difficulties like Dysgraphia.

At times I feel like I am a mamma bear when someone gets on him for not being able to do tasks that quote unquote seem simple and natural for others.


Struggle is deep

abc-916667_640Dysgraphia has always been a struggle for him it is like a tennis match, 1 year he is progressing and the next it regresses.

What makes it worse for my son is getting loved ones, teachers and at times friends to understand that it is not that he doesn’t want to his brain just won’t let him.

His handwriting is at pre-school presently, by the time he got to 4th grade in public school with a lot of help he caught up and his handwriting was 90% for his age level. 5th grade hit and in a blink of an eye his handwriting reversed to preschool level.


help-1468281_640Brain Processes = Different Strokes

Then there is getting thought to paper, unlike a child without this disability, he can not process written passages from thought to paper.

For a human brain to process written passages from thought to paper there is 3 steps it must take to get something written out.

  1. You have written passages or instructions from which you are prompted to write about.
  2. Gather in your head about what you are prompted to write about (thought)
  3. Processing/writing this thought out on paper

For my son, by the time the pencil is in motion the letters get sloppy, the words leave his memory.

Then he forgets what he had in thought or the subject for that he is writing about.

It also involves reading, he can be reading a paragraph and within 60 seconds or sometimes less he will forget what he just read.


Emotions of not being understood is REAL


For a child who battles with this, it is a painful emotional struggle. They want to make the adult who is asking them of this task proud.

When they try their brain just won’t let them and they feel they are failing the adult.

They are not lazy, they are not being defiant and it is so easy for any adult or person that does not understand dysgraphia to assume.

The child’s self esteem will drop the more they see or hear any negative or disappointment from an adult who refuses to understand.



***Remember it is not just hard on the child it is hard on mom and dad too.***

Here you are looking at this child who is your miracle and love more than life struggling.

Frustrated that you can not just kiss the boo boo away. Constantly hearing people mocking your child:

“He is just lazy and your letting him”,

“He is using his disability as a crutch”

“make him do it, over and over until he gets it”

It hurts to listen to people who your child admires so much tear them down because they refuse to accept your child has a disability.

It is hard believe me I know. I never stand down to anyone who tears my child down, but I do have moments where I go to take an extra shower to just cry.


Be your child’s strength, rock, support and voice


It is a must as a parent to educate yourself and research as much as you can every detail of your child’s disabilities.

You are the only person who can advocate and be his strongest support against those who refuse to understand.

Trust me in the 7 years I have been his advocate I have seen so many people refuse to understand my son from teachers, society and YES loved ones too.

I believe home-school will be his biggest benefit because of:

  1. He will have the freedom of taking his time
  2. Repetition he needs
  3. One on one access without interference or distractions
  4. His disability is recognized and accommodated at home! 🙂


I will be writing more on my son and home-school in future articles please feel free to follow our journey and/or ask questions.

** For more information on Agensis of the Corpus Callosum please visit: http://nodcc.org/corpus-callosum-disorders/

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