100 Day Challenge πŸ““ Journal (Personal Growth & Weight Loss)Β 

Choosing what side of the fence you want to jump… knees or clouds??

Let me start out by saying in life we all go through circumstances that either brings us to our knees or lifts us above the clouds. In a past article I wrote explaining the desire to take my life back. We all have those moments do we not?


This 100 day challenge is simple but not simple at the same time. It requires a mental and physical change. In order to rebuild yourself for the life you know you deserve, you must organize and strategically place a road map to succeed.

The challenge is as follows:

  1. No Facebook page or surfing. This is to keep you mind clear from all the negative drama that is going on around you.
  2. Keep a journal πŸ““ of what your challenges in the day were, whether they were good or bad.
  3. Exercise 30 minutes a day. This can be as simple as walking, swimming or your local gym. Keep track of your inches and weight in your journal every 5 days.
  4. Spend 1 hour a day reading or watching something that helps guide you in Personal Growth. This can be an inspirational book or article, bible readings or anything that will help build your self confidence and inner strength.


Exceptions/Allowances to the challenge:

  1. We all need communication or social life, let’s admit it. Facebook message is now an app so it can be used without having to go on your Facebook page.
  2. Instagram is a great place share pictures of your journey and life. It also has a function you can use to share to your Facebook without having to go on Facebook.
  3. Twitter is allowed only if you remove all political and conflict follows. Keep it clean you don’t want anything to disturb your growth. I only use twitter for my Blog and Boutique.



My Journal Entry (Day 1 to 5)Β 

In the five days so far I have:

  1. Learning how not to compromise who I am
  2. Accept what is and let God’s will be done and not to assume it
  3. Felt less drained from avoiding cultural and political conflict from friends and family
  4. Spent time with family
  5. Cleaning and organizing my home by minimizing material items
  6. Getting more work for the boutique and blog done
  7. Listened to my favorite pastors sermon on “Friction and Crisis” and “Blessings and Curses”

Honestly? It has been rough to stay off Facebook. I love seeing what is going on in my friends and family’s lives. I am what you call a open book social butterfly πŸ¦‹! Seriously my friends do not go a day without knowing something about me haha.

My desired results may be something entirely different from yours. I am just hoping that by sharing this it starts something inside of you to map out that change for yourself.

I will be checking in every 5 days to share my challenge results.

I would like to note: I am a Christian who believes in God. Just because of my belief I will never judge you by yours. We are all made differently. With that said you will see me quote often what I am learning by my belief, but you will never find me saying “YOU MUST BELIEVE”. Choose your own comfortable way to grow personally and physically. ❀️

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