10 Must Haves When Moving Out on Your Own ~ List for First Timers

When Moving Out on Your Own ~ List for First Timers

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My daughter just recently has spread her wings and left the nest. Moving out on her own was a huge step into adulthood. We did the typical packing of stuff and gathering of necessities. The most important were things of responsibility of a renter. Here are 10 important must haves or do’s:

  1. Move In Photos

When you move into your place you generally will do a walk through before receiving the keys. Make sure to check every corner and area of the home and make a detailed list. Take photo’s of any flaws that were there previous to you moving in. This will save you any move out headache and your deposit. Most landlords will look for any reason not to give you back your full deposit, this is your way of guarantee that this will not happen.

2. Scout your area

Walk around get to know where you are going to be living. Where are the stores? What is the most lit up street? What do the neighbors look like?

3. Learn to defend yourself if walking alone

Make a fist and put the end piece of a key between your ring finger and middle finger. Purchase mace if you can

4. A receipt book.

If you move into a place with roommates and your roommate is in charge of the rent make sure to have receipts for record of payment.

5. HOA, Complex or House copy of rules.

Read these and follow them carefully so that you don’t violate them

6. File box to keep all important papers preferably one that locks

7. ICE (In Case of Emergency) in your contacts.

If something were to happen or you lost your phone the local authorities now look in your phone for the contact named ICE. This is someone they can contact in case of emergency

8. Bus schedules and routes for work 

9. Local Non Emergency phone number 

10. Keep originals at home unless stated.

Only provide copies, that way nothing gets lost.

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